“With Dizzy Twin, Mia d’Bruzzi and her partner Paul Simmans explore a netherworld of weird, witchy vibes. They have been collaborating for over 20 years and have written and produced various albums under different project names (Gone to Ground, Mama Mia d’Bruzzi, Sticky Situation). Dizzy Twin is the expression of their endless fascination and obsession with creating new music and modes of communication.

Dizzy Twin has been described: “… Jim Morrison (Strange Days era) looks on from the wings in amusement, Nick Cave is making notes (for future reference), Flannery Connor casts the huge dark wing of her pessimism over the whole proceedings, while Sally Bowles claps delightedly from the front row. Their sound is a marriage of punk rock attitude and old school burlesque bump and grind, with a lot of Brecht and Weill decadence and black humour thrown in.”– David Kelso-Mitchell Oneiros Press

To date, they’ve put out two full-length albums and one EP: Kaleidoscope (2016) and Empire (2018), the latter of which was mastered at Abbey Road Studios. Newest album Polarity was released Fall 2022. Although Dizzy Twin originally began as a studio project, the live band delivers these songs to the stage with a wallop: Roger Rocha (4 Non Blondes, The Goldenhearts) on guitar, Tim Perdue (Enrique, Velvetta) on bass, and Michael Tornatore on drums, along with Paul on guitar and Mia on vocals.

Dizzy Twin